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Are Masks Living Up to Government Hype?


Masks are being passed off by our government as an effective way to fight Covid 19. A brief examination of the data shows pretty conclusive proof that the mask mandates have had no impact in individual states, nor do states with mask mandates have lower overall rates of Covid 19 than those without. A great example is taking my home state of Texas and putting it next to Florida. The two states all have similar climates, similar demographics and similar populations, yet the government intrusion among each state is significantly different. 

Notice how the trends are similar, Texas topping out at 1.1 deaths per 100,000, Florida topping out at .87, around the same time frame. Interestingly enough, it should be expected that Florida would see higher death rates due to the number of elderly people compared to Texas. Florida population over 65 is 20.9% while Texas has12.9%.


If you compare total deaths, (as of 2.24.21) as a rate per 100,000 residents, Texas currently stands at 125.8 while Florida is 123.3, again, very similar. Texas has had a mask mandate in effect since July 3rd, while Florida hasn't adopted a mask mandate, nor have they had any shut downs since early on in the virus.


Download the Power Point for a graph on every single state to see the comparisons. 


Stop believing the "experts" that stand to gain from more power and start believing the actual data. We all know the government will lie to push a policy that suits them. What's the incentive to push masks on us? The incentive is to create a public view to keep people nervous about this virus so the TRILLIONS in spending that they're doing to "fix" what they broke is the incentive here. This is about control and MONEY, not about safety. 


Florida Covid.png
Texas Covid.png
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